Is your roof ready for winter?

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Is your roof ready for winter?

Winter weather can be detrimental to roofs when proper precautions are not taken.  It’s time to get your roof ready for the cold temps ahead!

Perform an inspection: Look closely at the flashing, skylights, vents, as well as others joints and openings. Repair and/or replace anything that has been damaged. If you notice any holes, punctures or open seams, these need to be fixed immediately by a professional contractor.

Clean your gutters:  Gutters and scuppers need to be cleaned and free from any debris.  Make sure the gutters are not damaged. clamped shut. bent, or cracked.  Gutters that have become loose need to be tightened.

Trim the trees:  If you have any trees near your property, remove branches that hang over the roof.  During a storm, branches could fall and cause damage to your roof.  The weight of ice and snow throughout the winter could cause the branches to break and fall on the roof, causing punctures in the roof.

Schedule a professional inspection: Before winter weather arrives, schedule a time for a professional roofer to come out and take a look.  We can make sure your roof is in good condition to keep you nice and warm throughout winter weather.


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